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    As the world of golf looks to speed up the game, a new type of sport evolves.

    Golf get an extreme new look

    2016 New York Speedgolf Open

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    Golf needs a shot of adrenaline

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    Hosting The Pace Of Change Podcast

    Broadcasting the evolution of golf in the 21st century 


    In the next 5 to 10 years the game of golf is going to undergo some major transformations. In fact, it already is! This purpose of this podcast is to broadcast the evolutionary journey the game of golf is on as we head into the chaotic and mind-numbing pace of life in 21st Century.


    Each week we keep our listeners up to speed on the latest game changing news and developments through long-form interviews with the pioneers, thought leaders, and change agents in the industry. We also highlight innovative breakthroughs in technology and alternative formats like speedgolf, footgolf, disc golf, and fling golf. All this sheds light on the ways in which golf is changing to keep pace with the demands of the modern world.


    There’s no denying golf has to change, but we believe it’s changing for the better: Golf is headed for a renaissance. So get ready. We’re talking about a revolution!



    2015 Speedgolf World Championships

    Record tying final round performance earns runner-up finish

    The 4th annual World Championship changed venues for the first time in 2015. Leaving Bandon Dunes was a bitter pill to swallow, but the Fazio designed venue in Chicago (The Glen Club) proved to be as picturesque and perhaps more challenging than Bandon.


    My goal was a win this year, so I got a coach on board and set up a 100 day training plan. In the midst of launching LinksRun, I spent 26 days of every month hammering away at my physical endurance, and honing my golf game. That translated to 100+ miles of running and 40+ hours of putting, short game, and full swing practice per month. There were lots of highs, like winning my first 10k trail race, and plenty of lows, like overtraining and physical exhaustion. Nevertheless, I entered the 36-hole championship more prepared and full of confidence than ever before.


    The weather on day 1 was reminiscent of last year's championship, with cool temps and wind gusts up to 40 mph. Employing a new piece of equipment, The Silo, I finished the first round with a 78 in 51 minutes, putting me in a familiar position: 5th place, and 4 strokes behind the leader. Day 2 conditions were mild in comparison, and I knew this was my chance to mount a comeback. After a birdie on the 1st hole, and another on the 4th, I knew the day was going to be special. I finished the round with a world championship record-tying score of even par 72, in 48 minutes, and jumped 3 spots into 2nd place. My final round consisted of 6 birdies, and 1 eagle (a hole out from the fairway on a par 4), along with 2 bogeys and 3 double bogeys.  


    Launching LinksRun In South Texas

    Trail racing on golf courses 'exceeds expectations'

    On July 18th LinksRun officially launched with the first of a six event trail series. Battleground Golf Course in Deer Park was host to the inaugural event, where 150 participants braved triple digits temperatures to run, jog, and walk the pristine fairways under a beautiful South Texas sunset. In spite of the heat, everyone involved had a blast, enjoyed the unique running experience, and many had their first experience hitting golf balls on the range.  

    Altered Course - Expert Team Member

    The Golf Channel's new groundbreaking reality competition series

    Altered Course is a fast-paced series that features two-person teams competing on extraordinary hole layouts exceeding 700 yards -- while racing against time. Together with the reigning Ladies Speedgolf World Champion, Gretchen Johnson, I was hired to participate as part of an Expert Team.


    This was an incredible production I'm fortunate to have been a part of, and is sure to make sports television history. Altered Course 

    Photo Credit: Cy Cyr | CyCyr.com

    Swing For Sight 12 Hour Speedgolf Ultra

    Benefitting A Cure In Sight & The Ocular Melanoma Foundation

    On April 18th, 2015 I had the privilege of participating in a unique sporting event...the first of its kind. 8 participants committed to playing the Napa Valley Golf Course at Kennedy Park nonstop for 12 hours (short breaks allowed). By the time it was over I had run over 50k while Speedgolfing 117 holes on foot.


    Karl Meltzer, aka The Speedgoat, attempted to set a new world record for most holes played in 12 hours. Karl was successful, completing 229 holes of golf and shattering the old record of 221 holes, before cracking open a celebratory beer!


    This event raised over $30k in much needed funds for research and fighting rare form of eye cancer, Ocular Melanoma. Swing For Sight

    Innovation For Entrepreneurs Certification

    Coursera MOOC - University of Maryland

    In 2015 I decided it was time to take advantage of technology and go back to school. Through online classes on Coursera, I have been able to add formal education to my years of entrepreneurial experience. I believe this is necessary, and has proven to be of great value, as I endeavor to bring positive and lasting change to the world of golf. 

    2015 Houston Half Marathon

    Sub 90 Minute Goal - Accomplished

    The Houston Half Marathon came on the heels of my first 25k trail race at Bandera the week prior. My goal was to finish 13.1 miles under 90 minutes, and despite some knee trouble, I was able to cross the line with a few seconds to spare!


    With that goal accomplished, I officially retired from road racing. From here on out, it's all LinksRun!  

    2014 Speedgolf World Championships

    9th Place Finish & Championship Coordinator

    The 3rd playing of the Speedgolf World Championships was an unforgettable one to say the least. As the Executive Director of Speedgolf International, and the acting championship coordinator, I introduced a team competition format, announced the first ladies division championship, and even invited a 9 year old to participate as a symbol of the future of this great sport.


    Beyond that, the first day of competition brought hurricane force winds in excess of 60 mph. Regardless of the fact that we could not count that as part of the World Championship, all 28 pros completed their rounds, with only one score below 90. Epic!


    The revised one day championship was exciting to the finish, with 10 players having a legitimate chance to take the trophy. Here are two of them in a highlight video I filmed and produced. I finished in 9th place, shooting 6 over par with just 3 clubs (and no putter), in 48 minutes.  

    Exit Glacier - Seward, Alaska

    Hike up the side of an Alaskan glacier

    After planning and participating in Alaska's first ever Speedgolf event in Anchorage, I made the 3 hour drive down to Seward, Alaska.


    Exit Glacier spills magnificently down off of the Harding Icefield, and it was a spot numerous locals had mentioned as having a great hiking trail up to the ice field. 


    While I didn't have enough daylight to make it all the way, standing beside this enormous glacier, below grandiose mountains and miles-long waterfalls, with a breathtaking view of the river valley below, I was changed. I came off the mountain with a better understanding of my real place in the world. Truly humbling and awe-inspiring. I highly recommend it!


    2014 Green 6.2

    Sub 40 Minute 10k  Goal - Result: 1st Place (Age Group)

    This was a memorable experience, because through it I learned the enormous power of preparation. I had learned a lot (mostly about what NOT to do) in my first race ever a few months before, the 2014 Austin Half Marathon. In the months leading up to the Green I spent a lot of time breaking down the race route, timing myself, pushing hard in the gym and on the track. 


    Despite my intense efforts, I never broke 41 minutes in my training runs, so on race day I decided to relax, have fun, and film the whole experience on Google Glass. You can watch that video here and see the final result. Enjoy!

    2013 Speedgolf World Championships

    5th Place Finish

    With top-10 finishes in my first couple of Speedgolf events earlier in the year, I was invited to participate in the 2nd annual world championship. After some overzealous overtraining that ended with a severe calf injury, I hired a track coach to teach me proper running technique. No doubt this had a huge impact on my result. 


    In less than one year I had discovered Speedgolf, played in 2 professional events, started 3 city leagues, and become a top-5 world ranked Speedgolfer. Not only that, I was somehow featured front and center in Golf Magazine on the cover photo of a piece that was written about the world championship. Amazing what can happen in one year!

  • Scott Dawley's Media Contributions

    Here are just a few of the contributions Dawley has made on network television, broadcast radio, magazine articles, and internet podcasts talking about Speedgolf, pace of play activism, and the world of Alternative Golf Experiences.

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    Local Houston Magazine

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    The Pace Of Change Podcast

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    The Kube 

    Speedgolf Houston

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    Houston Links Magazine 

    March 2014

    The Need For Speed

    Page 41-42 - here 



    Austin Fit Magazine

    March 2014

    Hurry Up And Hit - here

  • Scott Dawley's Core Values

    Here are three primary core values that drive Dawley's strategic entrepreneurial decision-making. 


    True innovation leaps over incremental changes and completely disrupts business as usual.


    Innovation reveals what is possible and often succeeds at achieving the impossible.


    The game of golf, (not its equipment or apparel), is in need of innovation. It's a multi-dimensional sport being played in one dimension.


    The introduction of time as an element of the sport, and also as an economic asset of real value, as it's next truly innovative leap.   


    Passion is the fire that stirs innovation.


    Passion comes from pursuing the deep inner drives and ambitions that arise from the core of who we are. It's within dreams that we discover our true responsibilities. 


    Without long-term, sustained passion there is little chance of making a positive and lasting impact on the game of golf.




    Attention to and care of the whole person keeps passion, or apathy, from overwhelming our lives.


    Taking care of the body through proper nutrition, rest, and consistent exercise, paying attention to our thoughts and emotions, immersing ourselves in community, and nourishing the spiritual life within gives us the best chance to fulfill our dreams and goals.    

  • Scott Dawley's Business Strengths

    Here are a few of the skills Scott is currently maximizing to realize his goals and fulfill his responsibilities.

    Entrepreneurial Risk Tolerance

    Golf-related Startup Ventures

    Inner Drive for Innovation

    Leading Disruptive Change

    Strong Relational Skillset

    New Business Development

    People-centric Processes & Systems

    Operational Change Management

    Enthusiasm-based Delegation

    Event Production & Coordination


    Business Plans & Financial Modeling

  • Scott Dawley's Career Treasure Map

    "I amazed looking back to see how my career story has emerged. It gives me the confidence to continue pursuing what I'm most passionate about."    


    The front side reads:


    Age 22: Take the telemarketing & sales job while you're in college to earn enough money to buy your wife a beautiful wedding ring!


    Age 24: Give 2 years of your life to full-time Christian ministry, because you know there's more to life than your career.


    Age 26: Soak up the experience of your first full season as a touring golf professional


    Age 28: Live the lean years through caddy and club pro jobs, and get ready for another shot at your lifelong dream


    Age 30: After you fall short in your second attempt at the PGA Tour, take the 'dreaded' office job you managed to avoid in your 20's


    Age 32: Begin to appreciate your 'dreaded' office job: look at some of the valuable | Skills | you've mastered as an entrepreneur:


    Business Operations | Business Development | Communications | Organization Change Management | Small Business Start-Up Expertise | Fund Raising & Sponsor Acquisition | Project Management | Website Development | Database Management | Sales & Marketing | Copywriting | Financial Modeling.


    Age 34: Even though you won't make it to the PGA Tour on your third and final attempt, go for it! Trust me. I'm your treasure map.  


    Age 35: Receive your reward for living a life without regrets and chasing after dreams: Speedgolf. This promising new sport sits at the intersection of your interests, passions, skills, and abilities as both an athlete and entrepreneur. It's about time. 


    Age 36: This is the year you train harder than ever before, become one of the best professional Speedgolfers in the world, gain more valuable leadership | Skills | as Executive Director of Speedgolf International, the global organizing and governing body of Speedgolf, and even play a role in the production of a new Golf Channel series, Altered Course. To top it off, you'll start a new venture, LinksRun, and begin forging a path that introduces runners to the game of (speed)golf! 


    Tournament Operations | Global Business Development | Social Media Management | Brand Shifting | Media Relations | Product Management | Website Development | Membership Acquisition | Facebook Advertising | Sports Copywriting | Budget Management | Contract Negotiation | Corporate Sponsorship Development | Video Production


    Age 37: You probably wouldn't believe me if I told you. Just wait!

  • Scott Dawley's Work Experience


    Founder Jan 2015 - Present

    Run on golf courses, not roads, and feel the difference! LinksRun owns and operates a series of limited-field, premium golf course running events. Gain unparalleled access to pristine fairways, beautiful surroundings, and new and challenging urban racing venues. 


    The mission of LinksRun is threefold:

      1. To produce first class foot races on premium golf courses, otherwise off limits to runners.
      2. To promote the game of golf, through free educational, engaging, and professionally managed golf clinics and golf contests, (such as, long drive, Speedgolf, and putting contests), before and after each race.
      3. To provide host golf courses with an innovative lead generation tool, whereby race participants become potential future customers.
      4. To place innovative and high quality brands and sponsors, from both the running and golf communities, in front of like-minded race participants. 

      The 2016 Texas Golf Links Winter Series will feature 4 monthly races in South Texas from January through April. 


      Speedgolf Texas

      Founder  Sep 2013 - Present

      Speedgolf Texas exists to promote the game of Speedgolf throughout Texas by supporting the growth of local club and city league play, hosting amateur and professional Speedgolf events, and putting on Speedgolf exhibitions for charity, corporate, and private events.

      Speedgolf International

      Executive Director Mar 2014 - Dec 2014

      With a modern-day culture scanning for creative ways to 'fit it all in', there's never been a better time to promote the growth of a new sport that fuses two seemingly unrelated ones, running and golf, into a fast paced, fitness-oriented mental and physical challenge. It's innovation at its best: when it's meeting a variety of people's needs all at once. Pick up the pace, improve your golf game, get fit, have fun!


      Redeveloped the mission of Speedgolf International: to Organize, Govern, and Advance the sport of Speedgolf globally, emphasizing fun, fitness, creativity, and improved performance. 


      Responsible for development of high level vision, mission, and values, as well as the day to day operations of the organization. Served as Tournament Director for the 2014 Speedgolf World Championships.  

      Drive On Technologies

      VP of Operations Dec 2008 - Jun 2013

      Drive On Technologies provides financing solutions to U.S. commercial vehicle service and automotive repair markets. As co-founder and VP of Operations, I was responsible for the development of the company business plan and 5 year financial projections, which was instrumental in raising an initial $5MM in equity financing.


      Supervised the development of proprietary front-end and back-end loan servicing software, the forward facing company website, and created internal documents such as the company employee manual, how-to guides, and loan servicing procedures.


      In addition, prior to hiring a third party marketing agency, I was solely responsible for creating all company marketing materials, from tri-folds, to posters, to online banner ads, etc.  

      Twice The Ice Texas

      Business Development & Communications Consultant 2009 - 2010

      Twice The Ice Texas brings a revolutionary approach to ice vending sales. The concept is simple: Deliver a convenient, fresh ice cube product at a better price. Consulted on the development of a digital marketing platform for their network of ice vending machines. 

      Sienna Plantation Golf Club

      Golf Professional May 2007 - Sep 2008

      Supervised the pro shop, and outside staff, gave golf lessons, and managed golf tournaments held at Sienna Plantation. 

      Golf Club of Houston

      Assistant Golf Professional Jan 2007 - Apr 2007

      Supervised the pro shop, and outside staff, gave golf lessons, and managed golf tournaments held at Sienna Plantation.



      The Adams Tour

      Touring Golf Professional Sep 2005 - Sep 2006

      Mini-tour player. Finished 2nd in first professional event. Travelled across the States playing in mini-tour events, preparing for a career on the PGA Tour.

      Every Nation Ministries

      Manager Jul 2002 - Jan 2005

      Director of Partnership Development, Director of Youth Department/Young Professional Department.

      Direct Buy Club

      Sales Associate Sep 2001 - Jun 2002

      Wholesale Club, Home-based goods and products, sales closer, telemarketing

    1. "It was a pleasure to have you on the team.  We literally wouldn't have been prepared if it wasn't for you. You delivered exactly what we hoped (and then some).  Look forward to working with you again."


      -Keith Allo, VP Original Productions at Golf Channel



      "Touched by Scott Dawley's passion for Speedgolf and from the love of the sport, we've decided to dedicate our energy into spreading Speedgolf in Japan from here on!"

      - Joe and Mayu Matsui, Speedgolf Japan Ambassadors

    2. Scott Dawley's Education

      University of Houston

      English - Creative Writing, B.A. 1999 - 2002

      Activities: University of Houston Golf Team, Victory Campus Ministries

      Southern Methodist University

      English - Creative Writing 1998 - 1999

      SMU is a private university of 11,000 students near the center of Dallas with a mission to expand knowledge through academic excellence and hands-on research.

      University of South Carolina-Columbia

      Business Administration 1997 - 1998

      Activities: University of South Carolina Golf Team

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